embedded security and firmware development for the internet of things

Demux Labs


Professional Services for IoT Systems

If you're looking to launch an IoT product, designing the communications architecture, implementing cloud connectivity for the chipset you'd like to use, analyzing its security at the hardware, network and application layers, protecting the firmware from IP theft, etc. can be cumbersome.


Our purpose is to help you navigate the IoT ecosystem, and deliver secure and reliable products. Whether you'd like us to provide some advice, implement or update your firmware, review the security of your designs, attack a device, or use our expertise in any other way, we'll be happy to help.


Drop us a message with some information on the project, and we'll discuss availability and rates.


About Us

Hi, I'm JC

After some years working in firmware development for the Internet of Things, I've seen lots of properly implemented devices, and helped build some of those, but I've also seen my fair share of terrible ones. I've worked on the implementation of IoT systems using the latest chipsets, and learnt how to analyze a device's security to identify potential threats.

I've enjoyed helping bring secure products to market, so I decided to create Demux Labs to assist in the successful deployment of new projects.

At Demux Labs, we aspire to attain the highest levels of security and reliability for your devices, and to deliver within budget and in a timely manner. We'll work closely with you in order to achieve those goals.

Juan Carlos Jiménez